What is all this?

Hello, friend.

You may have questions. We have answers.


1. What is this “Library” thing?

The Library is a construct, a sort of model of the known (and unknown) universe. It’s also where every single story takes place, and it’s how they all connect. You can head over to Library Theory to learn more.

The Library Project is just that: the entirety of the fiction, graphic novels, art, and ideas that fall within this collective universe. It’s an attempt at telling a different, much larger kind of story, from many different perspectives. And this website is where it lives.



2. You said sixteen stories; where are all the rest?

The stories, or, as we call them, The Primes, are huge projects. Because we’re a small team, and dedicated to doing the very best job that we can, we’re only able to work on a few at a time. However, as the project develops, more and more will be released. Stay tuned.



3. Where can I read this stuff?

You can read each comic on its respective part of the website under “The Primes” dropdown list. We’ll try to release physical issues of the comics once a month, which you can order at our store and read early in addition to owning a sweet comic book. Or you can wait a week or two, and they will be posted here, in a webcomic format.



4. Is this a _____?

Not a cult, not a pyramid scheme, not a tabletop RPG, not an elaborate government mind-control scheme. Yet.



5. What are the Necanecum, and why is their language all over?

Necanic, our very own conlang, is one of the many things that connect these stories. Keep an eye out for it, and while you’re at it, maybe learn a word or two over at the Necanic page.



6. Where can I find you on the internet besides here?

So far we have infiltrated RedditTumblrPatreonTwitterFacebookPinterest, and can be followed on Instagram at @library_comics.



6. I have more questions that you failed to address here!

Alas, we are only human and our prescience only extends so far. If you have more questions, comments, or scathing, heart-breaking criticisms, email us at librarycomicsgroup@gmail.com.



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