The Team


The members of The Library staff as listed by nose size.


Rand is the unwitting creator of the Library Project, and finds it difficult to write in the third person. When he’s not babbling about some bad idea or another, he’s usually making more Necanic words, on an archaeology dig, or forging swords in his backyard. He currently attends school in Eugene, Oregon, where he hosts frequent work parties at his small, cramped home. Rand has his grubby little fingers in almost every project, micromanaging lore when he should be updating the website.




Hazelle is the editor-in-chief and begrudging social media coordinator of The Library. She is also in charge of cooking all the meals during Library meetings and filtering out Rand’s bad ideas before they ever see the light of day. In her spare time, she contributes to Legacy, reads a lot, obsesses about birds, writes independently, and is an advocate for citizen science, all done remotely from her second home in Troy, NY. She intends to be the second-ever human to become fluent in Necanic.




Mack(enzie) is a blundering edge-lord, complete with controversial opinions and a dash of exasperating, big-nosed charm. He used to live in La Grande with his useless dog, but after the animal’s shocking bloody death, he relocated to Portland, OR. There he remains, procrastinating on multiple art jobs and complaining about his lack of financial stability. Recently he has written a novel; it’s not great and you can’t read it yet. But he also writes infrequently for the blog “A Slice Of Gripe,” is the main artist for Necrophobia, and has a RedBubble account he regularly updates. On the subject of commission work, he’ll do nearly anything, as long as it doesn’t involve roleplaying the African snake fish again.



Sofia is an incredibly reluctant artist for the Library Project. Though not its greatest offender in the procrastination department, she is often slow to motivate, usually turning to create other work for her Tumblr (don’t tell Rand). Primarily, she operates as a director for the Necrophobia series, a position which is ironic, considering how often she screams about the directionless nature of her life. When not drawing or screaming, she is found sleeping on a giant bean-bag or serving coffee to ungrateful patrons. Recently, she’s taken up hunting psychotic cat murderers, a vocation which has become shockingly popular in her hometown of Portland, OR. So far there are no results, but rest assured there will be updates (approximately ten beheadings and counting, the killer’s trail is HOT). She too has a RedBubble, which will gladly feast upon your currency to sustain her life.



Alexis is the artist in charge of turning space aliens made of energy (the Necanecum) into something comprehensible as a 2D image and making them look cool. She tries, hopefully she succeeds, who knows. As a full-time Illustration student in Portland, OR, she has many thirteen hour work days, but when she doesn’t, she enjoys crocheting, doing embroidery, and getting emotional from any videos with cats or dogs in them. (Is she secretly a grandma trapped in the body of a young woman? Sometimes we wonder…) Thanks for getting through that mediocre intro if you did. You can see non-Necanecum related art @fennalexis on Instagram and @alexisfennart on twitter.



This artist is currently an undergraduate student studying Fine Art. For Legacy, she is inspired by old school science fiction illustrations and scientific illustration. When she isn’t making comics, she paints big abstract paintings, binges shows, hangs out with people, and gets into fist fights at bars (just kidding, at dog parks). She hopes to keep making art until she dies.




Natalie is a student studying Biology and Fine Art. She likes making diagrams and organizing. She’s the lead artist on Vanguard, and also assists with the lore projects. Apart from comics, some things she likes are games, Korean dramas, tiny things, and functional art.





Fervent musician, ambling writer, persistent artist, or toxic waste dump? We are met with Mike, current Lead Artist on Juggernaut. For his faults as a poor writer, he attempts to preclude his shortcomings with more and more sketches, depicting the more and more strange things he and his team come across. Join him, as he leaps through the panes and into your heart, in Juggernaut




Besides being a time traveler, Holly is a full time student working towards a Bachelors in English and Education. Her main habitats include the states New Mexico and Colorado. Holly is also known to swing in between realms through reading and creative writing, a skill she specifically employs for Juggernaut.





Lauren is a comic enthusiast who is the lead artist for Entropy. During the school year, she is constantly busy taking classes, editing for the student comics magazine Art Ducko, trying to clean the house, and frantically procrastinating on all of these things. When she somehow chances upon free time, she draws for fun, plays videogames, reads, occasionally plays music, and wastes too much time on the internet. She wishes she could be petting mountains of cats in her free time too, but alas, not all dreams can come true.



Tiny Uborum

Despite what the name suggests, Tiny Uborum is about the size of a school bus. That’s still tiny for an Uborum! He is The Library’s full-time mascot, always there to smile and waggle his tail when it comes to supporting our writers and artists as they forge ahead with their grueling work. Tiny Uborum is trying to save up enough money to buy some new shoes–it’s hard to find three pairs that match! This is why he has fully dedicated himself to publicizing and asking donations for The Library, which we are endlessly grateful for. His favorite food is saplings, and when he’s really excited (like when he’s found a grove of saplings), stars appear all over his scales. It’s pretty goddamn cute.




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