Some Necanic Grammar

Here’s some snazzy new grammar rules:

When ordering sentences:


A note on order: When declining a noun, it goes as follows: Who (i/you/they etc), tense, case, plurality. Ex: Rikvam = I will have (I-future perfect-nominative)

The cases are subject to change, seeing as we have a lot of them, but we’ll see.

Cases in Necanic:

  • Nominative – subject of sentence – vam
  • Accusative – direct object of action – sam
  • Dative – for/by (a time) /to something (indirect object) – nam
  • Ablative – by/with/from (out of)/about something (Adjectival) – kam
  • Genitive – “of” something/possession (From a place, or possessive) – kom
  • Locative – out/in/during – mom
  • Instrumental – with/and – dam
  • Terminative – until, as far as (extent to which) – rom
  • Distributive – each – nom
  • Interactive – among/restricted to – tom
  • Transitive – through – gom


  • (Perfect) Past: -e
  • Present: -u
  • Future: -i
  • Imperfect: -ed
  • Pluperfect: -ek
  • Future Perfect: -ik

An example phrase:

Obeiatovumvam, Almetdamyr, Somnierael ken Vialanieriel. Uiarvam, Uiarbhohiemdam, vum sverir Uiarvoinamyr.

Translation: The Library, of the Librarians, Somnierael (Dark Librarian) and Vialanieriel (Light Librarian). Time, of Uiarbhohiem, who weaves the time-paths (time-streams).

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