Zine Fest Success and more

Hey everyone!

I wanted to say thank you to all who came and supported us at the UO Zine Fest yesterday. It meant a lot to us, and it was great to hear what everyone thought about the project, and we were delighted to have actually sold all the copies we had of Necrophobia, and ran out of the Legacy teaser zines.

To those of you who come here from that zine fest, by way of our various flyers, prints, and zines, welcome! There’s a lot to explore here, with more being added all the time.

Also, to those who signed up for our print raffle, the results will be out tomorrow, and we’ll contact you for mailing information. We’ll likely be having another raffle in the near future, with more products like complete comics, Necanic goodies, and more.

Work is currently underway on the second issue of Necrophobia, and the first issues of Legacy and Vanguard are getting closer and closer to completion every day. Stay tuned for more updates!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop a comment here, or shoot us an email at atmen@library-comics.com.

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